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Women’s harassment in universities

THE other day I heard on a TV channel about women’s harassment by some teaching staff. I went numb on hearing it. It portrayed a very gloomy picture about the teaching profession.

When I was a student, I remember our teachers used to rave about the nobility of the teaching profession. Every professor used to say that if you want to join any profession, then give top priority to the teaching profession.

I am flabbergasted on hearing about women’s harassment at the University of Peshawar.

This is not only happening in universities of Peshawar but all other universities as well. Where are we going? Could we expect such a noble profession to be tarnished in such a way?

Could we give these teachers any respect? As we all know, this is a very delicate matter. This practice will lead to a sense of mistrust on all teaching staff.

I would request the authorities concerned to take heed of this matter in order to bridge the gap between students and teachers, otherwise families would stop sending their daughters to universities.


Source: Dawn