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Woman fined in trousers case

THIS is apropos of a news report (Sept 8) saying that a Sudanese woman was fined for wearing trousers She was, in fact, accused of mutilating Sudan’s Islamic decency regulations.

This regulation poses some questions. One, whether whips and lashes can cultivate decency. Let’s examine this. If we impose a rule of decency on the people who are reluctant or not willing to accept it, then this will only create a fuss and frustration among the people.

But the Prophet didn’t impose any rule on them. So, one should remember people can’t be forced to show decency unless they are willing to do so.

The second question is: what should be the dress of a Muslim woman?

A burqa and shalwar-kameez can never be true parameters of our religion. Islam hasn’t prescribed any specific dress for its followers because it isn’t the religion of any particular area.

Its followers come from different races, regions and cultures but Islam has imposed some sorts of restrictions regarding the dressing of Muslim women.

These should be followed instead of forcing Muslim women to wear a particular dress.

Source: Dawn