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What’s wrong with media resolution?

THE resolution criticising the role of media is being highlighted as an attack on media, though it was passed by the house unanimously. It should be taken in that manner and the media must ponder as to why some political parties voiced their concern on the issue.

I feel proud that our legislators have finally called a spade a spade; the media has been infusing some unfounded pessimism and ridiculing the President as well.

In Pakistan a free press seems to have led to more violence and fundamentalism. Is it not queer to see the same faces in the media, many accused of following some kind of political agenda?

I appreciate MPA Mastikhel for his courage to get up and say what as a public representative is his right and duty. I empathise with all political parties especially Nawaz Sharif who did not have the courtesy to own his party member. Mastikhel has not done anything unconstitutional. All he pointed out was that the media needs to improve.

Major (r) Aamir Cheema
Source: Dawn