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What if these films got a sequel?

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It’s the age of sequels and prequels. Production houses are squeezing the juice out of storylines and characters that everyone has already overdosed on and apparently still can’t get enough of. Michael Bay keeps making more Transformer movies. We’ve got a Spiderman reboot coming up.  Disney classics are being remade for the nth time, so on and so forth. And Pakistani films are following the trend. Wajahat Rauf already made and released the sequel to his debut film Karachi Se Lahore; Lahore Se Aagey suffered the same fate as the original and we suffered with it. Jawani Phir Nai Aani and Na Maloom Afraad are getting their own sequels. Bilal Lashari is working on a reboot of Maula Jutt. Shaan is working on an Arth 2 and apparently there is also a Waar 2 in the making, heaven save us!

We sat down and thought about four recent films and what their sequels would offer if their stories picked up from where the originals ended.

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai was very ironically titled. The lives of the people in the film were anything but haseen. The lead couple, played by Feroze Khan and Sajal Aly, is extremely dysfunctional and they let that affect the life of their absurdly named son, Dodo (We never find out his real name). Dodo gets hit by goons who are chasing Feroze, Dodo gets sick in the rain, Dodo gets hit by a car and finally Dodo is admitted to the hospital in a very critical condition, with the irresponsible couple crying over what  they put their son through. In the end, he survives, and the film ends on that note.

But what happens to Dodo afterwards? From the looks of it, the couple truly doesn’t deserve to even have a child and who’s to say they’ll get their act together now? We fear for his life and think he needs to be rescued by child services! Or maybe he grows up to rebel against his crazy parents. We need to know!

Chalay Thay Saath

Chalay Thay Saath is a sweet little story about how a Pakistani girl, Resham, and a Chinese guy, Adam, meet, fall in love and get married. They have a beautiful day-time wedding up in the mountains and the film ends on a very Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara type note.

But let’s be honest, the real struggle begins once a couple gets married. All jokes apart, the film shows the reality of a lot of cross cultural marriages, something we rarely get to see in our films. We’re actually curious to know how the two manage to settle in each other’s families; where will they live: Pakistan or China? How hard is it to learn each other’s languages; does that ever become a barrier?

We all know that nobody lives happily ever after once they’re married (thanks a bunch Walt Disney, we learnt this the hard way) so maybe we need to know what happens next.

Dobara Phir Se

So this film was a pretty slow and bland watch. Zainab (Hareem Farooq) loves Hammad (Adeel Hussain), Zainab doesn’t want to marry Hammad, Zainab misses Hammad, Zainab wants to get back together with Hammad. The film ends with this confused couple sitting in a café, wishing they could start things over, and Hammad asks Zainab, “Dobara, phir se?” And the film ends.

But what did she say? Did they date again? Didn’t they figure out the first time round that they’re not a good couple? What became of Natasha, played by Tooba Siddiqui, (one of the underdogs in the film who we were actually rooting for) and can we now follow the lives of the more interesting couple, Wasay (Ali Kazmi) and Samar (Sanam Saeed), and how they succeed in their lives despite their Debbie-the-downer friends Hammad and Zainab pulling them down all the time?


Sure, one would immediately argue that Sameer dies in the end of Raasta so how can there be a sequel. But were you paying attention to Sameer in the film? He gets hit by a bunch of bullets and survives it before eventually dying in the second half of the film. He reappears with a voluminous mane of gold streaked hair.

He is the hero AND the villain and there were no double roles or an evil twin (much to our disappointment because an evil twin was all that was left from Raasta looking like a remake of a b-grade Bollywood film from the nineties). Sahir Lodhi is predictably unpredictable so we really don’t know what to expect from the sequel of his film. Will he rise from the ashes? Will he get reincarnated as Shah Rukh Khan? (Don’t take this suggestion seriously Lodhi, we’re only being sarcastic.) Raasta should definitely have a sequel.

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