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Watercolour paintings from Karachi & Lahore go on display

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By Arsalan Haider

LAHORE: Watercolour paintings by 16 artists from Karachi and Lahore featured at Coopera Art Gallery here on Tuesday. Several renowned artists, art teachers, students and art lovers thronged to the gallery on the first day.

The exhibition displays around 73 art works by nine artists of Karachi and seven from Lahore.

The participating artists from Karachi are Abdul Hayee, Abbas Kamangar, Dr. Manzoor ul Hasan, Saleem Akhtar, Amin Kasmani, Anwar Ali, Abdul Majeed Khaskeli, Shukarullha, and Zafar Mahmood whereas Lahore based artists are Dr. Ajaz Anwar, Pirzada Najam ul Hassan, Nazir Ahmed, Khalid Latif, Mahmood Alam, Munawar Mohiuddin and M Shafiq.
The paintings were vibrant and bold, representing the culture and social life of both the cities. The artists from Karachi mostly selected activities alongside the sea and the other busy areas of the city including figures, still-lives and portraits, whereas artists from Lahore made their subjects of the city, land and its environment by showing their high professional skill.

Karachi based artist Abul Hayee’s art works are the views of landscapes featuring water, birds, trees. Abbas Kamangar has depicted Karachi’s life and renowned buildings. Amin Kasmani’s paintings depict immense tranquillity, peace and serenity of life. He works in detail, he takes care of every tiny aspect of the scene he is about to paint. Dr Ajaz Anwar’s paintings show the glory of the old buildings and the cultural life in Lahore. Lahore’s historic buildings were also shown in the work of M Shafiq. Munawar Mohiuddin has displayed the landscapes in his artwork. Zafar Mehmood’s work is also based on landscapes.

Talking to Daily Times, Curator Coopera Art Gallery, Muhammad Javed said that the event is a unique exhibition of the season as it is featuring Karachi and Lahore based artists at once.
“This is perhaps the biggest show of the season in the city, which provides ample opportunities for learning the watercolour medium” he added.

Javed observed that weather has significance in watercolour paintings, as Karachi’s moisture due to sea is very ideal and suitable for watercolour paintings whereas Lahore’s dry weather creates problems for it. Therefore, observing each other’s artwork would make provide artists with opportunities to learn from each other. Javaid urged students to visit and observe the paintings.
The Exhibition will remain open till April 24.

Source: Daily Times

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