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Violent movies on show


Rawalpindi: The Pakistani masses are already going through mental agony because of suicide attacks and the so-called ‘war on terror’. I remember when I was a child, our parents used to stop us from watching movies or dramas that contained violence or horror. Now there is bloodshed everywhere. Nobody knows who is killing whom. Our children are more aggressive due to the gift of cable TV, which telecasts violence and horror movies round the clock.

One is amazed where the role of PEMRA is in the censorship of objectionable stuff on TV. Can it not ask the cable operators not to show such violent movies? What sort of service are PEMRA and cable operators providing to the masses, especially to the new generation. Nobody is stopping the cable operators from showing movies, but why do they not select movies that depict the softer side of humanity? Movies that are informative and not violent should be shown on TV channels. PEMRA should review the list of English language movie channels. There are hundreds of good English movie channels, which can be shown instead of those showing violence, bloodshed and terror to the young generation that is already terrorised by fear and uncertainty prevailing in our society.

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