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Utmost care taken while holding Sindh Festival

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KARACHI: Despite almost three weeks into the successful holding of the opening ceremony of Sindh’s cultural extravaganza at Mohenjodaro, the debate over the damages the festival ‘could have caused’ continues unabated. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Patron-in-Chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had time and again said that the festival did not damage the ruins of Mohenjodaro. He even took a team of archaeology experts to the site before the festival to quell the controversy surrounding the festival at the world heritage site of Mohenjodaro.

The experts, who had initially objected to the idea, were convinced that the UNESCO-protected ruins would not be damaged.

As conspiracies against the festival soared, the Sindh High Court (SHC) had to order the culture and heritage authorities to take “utmost care” of the archaeological site.

Strict precautions had been taken to prevent damage to the archaeological remains, and they were carefully guarded while holding the opening ceremony. It was also ensured that stage and seating were not installed atop the ancient ruins. It was also observed that promotional events at important heritage sites were organised across the globe.

At the opening ceremony, Bilawal reiterated that the object of organising the festival was to initiate the process of protection and conservation necessary to safeguard Sindh’s unique and irreplaceable cultural heritage for generations to come.

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