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US also complains against Geo

RAWALPINDI: US Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke on Thursday accused Geo TV of being anti-US in its policies and coverage and advised the channel to tell the truth to Pakistanis about the huge financial assistance Washington was providing for the displaced persons from the Malakand Division.

In an interview with a Geo TV correspondent after visiting an IDPs camp near Mardan, Holbrooke said the US was now the single largest donor to help the displaced persons and Geo TV should highlight this fact.

In a sarcastic tone, Holbrooke said, “Geo should not be anti-US and should now tell the truth as well and inform the people that the US had provided more than half the total help given by all the countries.”

A spokesman of Geo TV said that the channel had always informed the people of Pakistan of the truth and the criticism of Mr Holbrooke was unjustified.

A top Geo executive said the TV channel was committed to pursuing the truth and will continue to show multiple points of view as it tries to create an environment of thinking and questioning in Pakistan.

Geo also has a “social contract” with its viewers, the Geo executive said. The contract has been formulated as a guiding document and is available for all viewers and readers at, the Geo spokesman said.

Source: The News