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Unethical cellular networks

I WAS using a post-paid connection (0300 8272745) on my cellphone of a leading cellular company. Recently, without soliciting consent or being told who the senders were, I began receiving heavy spam, asking funny things. It was from an unknown sender.

Since nowhere did the so-called SMS questions declare that text replies were subject to a special charge, unaware that I was being cheated I took this as usual spam and replied to those silly questions such as ‘How many legs do humans have?’.

Later when I received a grossly excessive bill did I come to know that the so-called quiz named and styled as a different sender was the act of my cellular connection provider.

I protested to them against their action but instead of acting reasonably they cut off my connection.

May I request the authorities concerned to take notice of such scams and take action against cellular network providers. This unethical activity by network providers is also tantamount to unfair and unscrupulous trade practices and is against the law.
Source: Dawn