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Ulema call for army intervention in Karachi

PESHAWAR: Leaders of Alami Muttahida Ulema and Mashaikh Conference (AMUMC) have expressed grave concern over the targeted killing of innocent people in Karachi and blamed the ruling coalition parties for protecting criminal gangs in the port city.

Speaking at a press conference at Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday, the AMUMC chairman Maulana Mohammad Shoaib said that the only solution to the Karachi problems was to deploy army in the city for restoration of peace, as police and Rangers had failed to curb the sabotage activities and arrest the criminals.

Flanked by Sahibzada Mehmudul Hassan, Maulana Shoaib alleged that the armed groups affiliated with political parties, particularly those in the coalition government, were involved in the targeted killing of innocent citizens for the sake of strengthening their political influence in the city.

He said that in such a situation an effective clean-up operation was the sole option to restore peace in Karachi.

He said that kidnapping for ransom, life threats and killing of people had become a routine and terrorists were taking lives of people for no fault of theirs. He said that the security forces should take control of Karachi and take stern action against the miscreants.

Maulana Shoaib condemned the Israeli atrocities on Palestinians and announced that the AMUMC would observe the coming Friday as ‘Yaum-ul-Quds’ to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. He said that a protest demonstration would also be held on Friday against Israel for usurping the holy land by use of force.

He appealed to the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to come up with a solid policy to safeguard innocent Palestinians from the Israeli barbarism. He called upon the government to sever diplomatic relations with the US and dissociate itself from the so-called war against terrorism.
Source: Dawn