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U-fone utilizing latest infrastructure

ISLAMABAD- U-fone Company is utilizing latest telecommunication infrastructure to provide better services to its customers, said Chief Executive U-fone Arshad Khan.

In an interview he said, “The company has purchased world’s most modern system and infrastructure which is installed for the first time in the country.”

“The U-fone services like voice mail, short message, prepaid card are latest in the world,” he said.

He said the company has also introduced a web service in which one can access the Internet through mobile and record his message.

To a question he informed that there are 85,000 clients of U-fone across the country. Majority of them have not used the facility of phone before as they were facing many difficulties in getting connections.

He said at the start it was expected that U-fone would capture a market segment of 60,000 clients but according to latest estimates the number of its clients will rise to 200,000.

“It is expected that the mobile phone market will double within one to two years,” he added.

He said one of the causes for adoption of U-fone by a large number of users is that it extended the time limit of prepaid card to six months as compared to 45 days offered by other companies besides reducing the card price.

To a question he said, “It is not the objective of U-fone to compete with other cellular companies but it wants to make accessible the mobile phone facility to a maximum number of people as economic development depends on good communication network.”

Arshad Khan said the company has spread its network on commercial basis. He said the U-fone company is offering low price quality products, which are not only used by the elite but also within the reach of the common man.

Arshad Khan said the company has extended its network to Motorways and roads in order to cover majority of population living in urban and rural areas.

Source: The Nation