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TV viewers of Pakistan have been watching TV talk shows held by private channels for the last so may years. These talk shows normally start at 8pm when most of the people are home after a hectic day at work.

In these talk shows, the anchor person invites two to three prominent people, and issues are discussed in detail. As soon as the issue is raised by the anchor, the ‘blame game’ starts and in some of the programmes the invited guests are shouting while the anchor is putting up the best efforts to cool them down.

The programme is usually of 60 minutes, and 15 minutes are marked for commercial breaks.

I would suggest that to make such programmes meaningful, the anchor should raise the issue and ask the guests to present a solution to the problem. Strict discipline should be followed, telling them there will be no blame game and nobody will shout or interfere when another person is speaking.

I feel all these programmes are going to waste and I am certain that no one enjoys these discussions. However, the anchors at the end of the programme seem to be satisfied.

In order to do some service to the country, our TV channels should promote useful discussions whereby we move forward towards ‘good governance’ and do away with the bad habit of blaming each other.

Akber D. Vazir