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TV licence fee

Letter to the editor…

Apropos Rafi Nasim’s letter “TV licence fee” published in daily The Nation on June 23, I would like to make the following observations. He has raised some illogical points about the collection of TV licence fee through electricity bills.

His concern for the common man is admirable but can he tell us how many people in remote and far-flung areas have electricity supply but do not have TV sets? There is a simple exemption process of submitting application and NIC copy for consumers using more than 100 units but not having TV sets. So there is no question of any illegal collection of the licence fee from ‘unqualified’ consumers.

The new billing system is not only feasible but also convenient. To make PTV compete with private channels and bring us more entertainment and fun-filled quality programmes, we should pay the licence fee. How long the culture of tax evasion will stay in this country? Can any one enlighten us?

Shahkar Ahmad
Via e-mail.

Source: The Nation