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TV licence fee


IT was nonsensical from day one to collect TV licence fee with electricity bills because through this practice PTV is blindly charging every one having an electricity meter. Even if that meter is installed in a mosque, or if no TV is present in the building.

The only method to avoid was to submit a written endorsement to the electricity office about not having a TV. I did so some years ago when this scheme started. First, the unjust thing the PTV did was to increase the monthly fee from Rs25 to Rs35 without any notice.

Now they have again started charging this licence fee from all electricity meter-holders from July.

On contacting the electricity office, they told me that the PTV will now start charging licence fee from all meters every July of every year. The sole solution is to fill out a form in triplicate, and submit it to the electricity revenue office each year.
I have completed this formality but to no avail. Note that for this purpose I have to take some time off from my office (as electricity offices are closed on Saturdays/Sundays). Also note that poor and illiterate people never know that they are paying for something they might not have.