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TV channels to broadcast certified results

LAHORE: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Chairman Mushtaq Malik said on Sunday that private TV channels could only telecast election results posted outside polling stations by presiding officers.

Geo News reported that PEMRA officials had also amended the notice issued Saturday night that banned TV channels from making comments, reporting, and conducting discussions on the electoral process.

According to the channel, PEMRA and Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) officials held talks on Sunday to discuss the notice issued by the authority. Following the talks, both organisations held a joint press conference to announce the results of their dialogue.

Addressing the conference, Malik said Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority was a regulatory authority and it would not withdraw any of its orders. He said the authority was working to improve the media.

The PEMRA chairman said the code of conduct issued by the Election Commission had considered and incorporated the PBA officials’ proposals.

Private channels could not telecast any interviews of people contesting the elections during the polling process, he added.
Source: Daily Times