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TV channels should stop bashing Lollywood: Nasir Adeeb

By: Ghulam Hussain

Renowned ‘Maula Jutt’ film writer Nasir Adeeb has blamed PTV and other TV channels for the decline of Pakistan’s film industry. He said PTV and other channels had always propagated against the local film industry, due to which, working here was not considered honourable anymore.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Times, Nasir Adeeb said, “In 1964, when PTV was launched all flop actors, writers, directors and technicians went to PTV, because at that time it was in dire need of workers. Also, after joining PTV they all started propaganda against our film industry as a form of revenge.”

He asked, “If actresses and actors from good families would not join the film industry, how will its image improve.” He said once he had gone to Saba Pervaiz to cast her in the film ‘Dil’, but she refused, saying she didn’t want to work in films. So, if such respectable actresses refused to work in films, the industry will remain dependent on heroines from “red light areas”.

He said the film industry could develop a positive image if the government helps and if TV channels stop bashing it. He also stressed that actors should be respected.

When asked that the same ‘Maula Jutt’ style films were the cause of decline of the film industry, Abeed denied and said even Bollywood made sequels of its films. He said, “All good directors, producers, writers and technicians quit the film industry one after another or have passed away. Since then there haven’t been many people who could help run the industry. This has also been a factor in its decline.” Adeeb said he wrote 412 films only for Sultan Rahi, 68 for one single director and 613 have been released until now.

He said, “Sultan Rahi’s existence was like a roof for our film industry, when this roof collapsed, our film industry got buried under it.” He revealed his name had been included in the Guinness Book of World Record for writing over 613 films.

He said currently he was writing, producing and directing a TV serial ‘Maula Jutt Limited’, which would be based on social issues. Besides, his film ‘Suraj Barsaey Phool’ was complete and would be released on Eidul Fitr.

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