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TV channels cramming immorality in minds of youth

KASUR, February 02 2006: This is an irrefutable fact that electronic media is a double edged sword with negative and positive effects but the same is sowing the seeds of immorality and vulgarity in the impressionable minds of the country and especially of those at Kasur that are on the verge of a disaster of minds, said a survey conducted by The News here on Wednesday February 1.

In this age of science and technology when more and more TV channels are on the air for the spread of knowledge and information, some are being used to spoil the moral of the youth and to cram a specific culture in their minds, which the circles including Al Haq Welfare Foundation Pakistan president Dr Usman, Markazi Traders Foundation president M Siddique, Kasur Traders Federation president Mian Sajid, Anjum Tajiran president Afzal Hussain, Anjum Tajiran Naya Bazaar general secretary Rana Aqeel Ahmed, Markazi Anjuman Tajiran president M Akram Mughal, Jamiat Ulema Islam Kasur president Maulvi Abdul Basit Farooq, Aman Welfare Society Punjab president Zakir Hussain Khan and Majlis Tahafuz-e-Islam district Kasur president Haji Allah Ditta Abid held is a conspiracy by anti-Islamic elements to subvert Islamic culture and ideology in the country.

Knowing that the impact of the silver screen is permanent especially on an immature mind, some anti-Islam countries and organisations are spending billions of rupees on such channels, they opined and lamented the sorry side of this fact is that Pakistanis are in a deep slumber in this aspect while the enemies of Islam and proponents of their culture have a free hand to misguide the future generation by feeding vulgarity, anti-Islamic sentiments, Hindu culture and lopsided ideology about terrorism. “These channels are destroying our moral values are making it harder and harder for family members to sit together in front of a TV and be entertained,” they also said. It must be pointed out here that authorities concerned have done little on the persistent showing of the channels by the cable networks despite repetitive protests by people.

Expressing their annoyance, they further said these channels are pushing the youth into the marsh of Hindu and western culture inch by inch. The impact of channels could clearly be seen in youth disobeying their parents and watching channels of their own choice especially at the study hours.

It should be noted that such channels are strongly prohibited in other districts especially in district Lahore but are on the air here. Channels like “Star Plus” is spreading nothing else except Hindu culture, the practice of which can vividly be seen at our weddings and others ceremonies, the social circles went on to say and maintained on the other hand, the Sur Sangeet channel that airs Indian state lottery results after every 30 minutes is promoting gambling as a legal game and Indian show “Match Makers” that show everything lewd in the name of dancing and marriages, they further said.

They also added CDs of vulgar films and shows are also being telecasted by the cable operators. The pinch is deeply felt when the authorities concerned play deaf and dumb to such problems, the circles added and warned these feeling could burst anytime and sweep away such irresponsible, greedy and short sight officials. They have demand the government to check cable operators here and to stop this generation from falling into a moral quagmire in the name of entertainment.
Source: The News