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Tributes paid to Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman for services to journalism

LONDON: A solemn ceremony was held in the Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons on Wednesday evening where late Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman, the founder of the Jang Group, was showered with befitting tributes for his excellent and invaluable services to Muslim/Pakistani journalism.

Speakers including a member of the House of Lords, MPs, Prospective Parliamentary Candidates and other dignitaries offered prayers for the soul of the deceased on his 12th death anniversary.

Those who knew Mir Sahib personally spoke lovingly of their association with a very humble man who, more than sixty years ago in Delhi, India, set up the Jang Group of Publications which today brings out around 13 different publications in various languages.

Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti set off the ceremony by reciting verses from the Holy Quran.Lord Bernard Weatherill, the elderly politician, who is well known for his association with Pakistan owing to his services with the British army in the pre-partition subcontinent, expressed hope that India and Pakistan get over their differences and resolve their disputes amicably – including the long-standing one over Kashmir.

Mohammad Sarwar, Labour MP for Glasgow Govan said that since its establishment in the UK in the early 1970s, the Jang Group of Publications have played a key role in raising the issues that concern British Muslims and Pakistanis.

MP Sarwar stressed the importance of the involvement of the people of Kashmir in any dialogue between India and Pakistan. He said a peaceful, early resolution of the long-standing dispute could allow the two neighbouring countries to focus their resources on breaking up the vicious cycle of poverty that is hounding millions and millions of their peoples.

Khalid Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Bar,exhorted British Pakistanis and Kashmiris to focus on their issues and conduct in this society in addition to doing something concrete to help resolve the problems the people face in their countries of origin. He advised the Pakistani press/media to report impartially on Kashmir.

Brian Iddon, Labour MP for Bolton South-East, said the dispute over Kashmir required immediate resolution to allow both India and Pakistan to focus their resources on development. He highlighted the importance of a trilateral dialogue for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir.

Dominic Grieves, Shadow Attorney General, (Conservative Party), said his party was working on making itself more perceptive to the issues and concerns of ethnic minorities. Haroon Rashid,Conservative Partyšs Prospective arliamentary Candidate for Bradford West and Qassim Afzal of the Liberal Democrats also participated.

Both the upcoming young politicians in-the-making paid rich tributes to the Daily Jang and The News International in particular over their Žinvaluable services to the British Pakistani/Kashmiri communities.

Former Managing Editor of Jang Qazi Ashraf described “Mir Sahib” as a “kind and humble man” who took good care of his staff. Mustafa Qureshi, famous Pakistani actor, along with his wife Robina Qureshi, came all the way from France to attend the ceremony.

Mustafa Qureshi said he could not find words befitting enough to describe the services of Mir Sahib for Pakistanis both in Pakistan and abroad. In his deep voice, the former actor said he was neither a politician nor a statesman, but he was fully in touch with the feelings of the people. He said he could feel the onset of a change in Indo-Pak relations.

The anniversary meeting was arranged by Molana Mohammad Yaqub Chisti of the All Jammu & Kashmir Muslim Conference (Kashmir Overseas Liberation Board). He spoke of his long association with Mir Sahib and Daily Jang. He praised the paperšs services that it has rendered for the Kashmir cause.
A High Commission for Pakistan official Counsellor Zahoor Ahmed expressed hope for a breakthrough for peace in South Asia where India and Pakistan are all set to open a dialogue in mid February.

Zafar Khan of the Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front, Markazi Jamiat Ulema Pakistan (UK), President, Molana Fazal Ahmad Qadri, Samia Saeed and Khatoon Qureshi were some of the other participants in the ceremony. all set to open a dialogue in mid February.

Source: The News