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Traditional heritage with digital art

By Sohail Raza

KARACHI: The Art Chowk Gallery is hosting an exhibition of Laiq Qureshi and Shargeel Zafar titled ‘The Inclination’, which will continue until August 3. The exhibition has placed two practices referencing common issues; one uses traditional media and tools, whereas the other explores the artistic boundaries with technology.

Shargeel Zafar, a graduate of National College of Arts, is displaying his work for the first time. He has used charcoal, markers and watercolour on paper to express his inner feelings and experiences from the surroundings. He has linked characters like cats, vultures and crows with humans, who want to see a good time but do not make an effort needed for bringing the change.

All the characters in his paintings, men with close eyes, cats and crows represent a common man. The crows, vulture and cats observe the routine life and the busy human world, as is the case with us. We are facing the worst circumstances like bomb blasts, targeted killings, suicide attacks, price hikes, etc, and just like the cats and crows, we are only observing these things and waiting for simultaneous changes that remove these curses and bring peace and prosperity.

Zafar said about his work, “My work is about the common man’s dream for a peaceful world, ignoring the real world, which is full of its own miseries and pain. The overall execution of this series explores the intricacies of the dark and desperate world of his and sheds light on his complex situation.”

Laiq Qureshi, also a graduate of National College of Arts, who lives in Philippines, is displaying his digital paintings on photo paper. He has used the modern computer technology in his work to put together our old traditional heritage and the latest technology.

Qureshi said, “I consider the computer screen as my canvas and software as my tools. The detailed patterns and textures have been painstakingly worked on, using elements of calligraphic text that for me are mere symbols or ornamentation than invoking thought. The commentary in my work is almost miniaturist in style and feel.”

The artist has displayed his work in Philippines but for the first time is exhibiting his work in Pakistan.
Source: Daily Times