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Torture of human rights activist deplorable: Joint Action Committee for People’s Rights

LAHORE: The (JAC) has condemned, in the strongest terms, the severe torture by police of a human rights activist and his musician son.

Sungi Development Foundation Executive Director Asad Rehman and his son Mahmood Rehman were badly beaten near their house and then taken to a police station. They were beaten, abused and faced inhuman and degrading treatment again once they reached the police station. According to details, a car of Rehman’s relative collided with a rickshaw near his house in Defence Housing Authority. Rehman called Rescue 1122 for provision of medical aid to the rickshaw driver.

The policemen, who arrived at the scene, holding Rehman responsible for the accident, started beating him. The police also beat his son, who tried to rescue his father. If police can subject a well-known and respectable citizen to such brutal treatment then it is not difficult to imagine what they could do to an ordinary citizen of Pakistan, JAC said. JAC demanded higher police authorities and the provincial government to take immediate action against the policemen responsible for this highly deplorable act. The police enjoy complete impunity in most of the cases of human rights violations, JAC added. Rehman belongs to a well-known and educated family of the city. He is also a heart patient.

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