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The role of media

In the existing era, no one can deny the importance of media. The media is a significant source to obtain information and recreation.

The state of mind of the people can be changed through media. The media has started to play important role in the wars of present era. Now all great wars are being won through media. The propagandists do propaganda against their adversaries through media so vigorously. Examples can be quoted of recent America-Iraq and America-Afghanistan wars.

The media is also playing important role in Pakistani society, where it is providing recreation to the people. On the other hand, it is creating consciousness and developing the vision of the people.

At present the Pakistani nation is on war footing and the role of media is very important during present ongoing prevailing situation. There is a dire need to develop consensus in the nation on every sensitive issue so that we may become united and our media can do this very affectionately.

In Pakistan, the media has been liberated a few years ago, therefore media needs proper training for coverage of the issues. Pakistani media is covering the sensitive matters without any proper guideline and un-necessary discussions on these matters in talk shows arranged by the media, whereas these matters demand careful attitude.

We must also clear our position to the world community on the incident of 2nd may 2011 in better way through media and must respond to the questions of western media which they raised against our forces as well as defense capability, bluntly.
Source: The Nation