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KARACHI: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has said that it continue receiving complaints regarding kidnapping and disappearance of citizens from various parts of the country. According to a press release issued on Tuesday, Zohra Yusuf, Vice Chairperson of HRCP, said according to recent complaints, several citizens belonging to the Hindu community are the latest victims of enforced disappearances. She said on September 9 in district Umerkot, Sindh, one Gordhan Das alias GM Bhagat, 55, was reportedly picked up by four law enforcement agency personnel in plain clothes in a double cabin vehicle near his residence, GM Bhagat House opposite sessions court, Umerkot.

In this regard, his son Om Prakash filed a petition in the High Court, Hyderabad. Another case reported to the HRCP from the same district is of one Cheetan Kumar. He was arrested apparently as a ‘terror suspect’ in 2001 and sentenced by the Special Anti-Terrorism Court, Hyderabad. During his time in custody, it was reported that he was severally tortured and abused. The Sindh High Court later acquitted him in 2005. In July, eight law enforcement agents were reported to have arrived at Cheetan Kumar’s House in Bajeer Mohalla, district Umerkot, Sindh, in a government vehicle. He and his son were subjected to torture before he was taken away. His family informed the Umerkot police about the incident and requested that FIR be lodged, which the police refused to do. Since then, whereabouts of Kumar remains unknown.
Source: Complaints of kidnapping, disappearances still coming: HRCP