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Terror victim families participate in Geo Ramazan transmission

KARACHI: The participation of a large number of guests from every walk of life in Sheher-e-Ramazan set up in connection with the special live transmission of Geo TV, ‘Pehchan Ramazan’, is going on.

The special feature of this transmission is that the world renowned broadcaster Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain especially invites the people suffering from different afflictions with one objective of mitigating their sufferings and attracting the attention of the authorities concerned towards their problems.

In this connection, the heirs of those killed in target killing during past a few months were invited on the third of this most popular transmission of Ramazan. During their conversation with Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, they narrated their sufferings because of terrorists and their eyes got wet while mentioning their near and dear ones. Some moving scenes were also witnessed in the meantime, which turned the atmosphere in Sheher-e-Ramazan gloomy for some time.

The participation of the families facing different problems in ‘Rah-e-Neki’ programme is also continuing. Winning of valuable prizes worth hundreds of thousand rupees through direct participation and telephone calls by the audience and viewers, respectively, also continued in ‘Quranic Loh’ segment of the transmission on the third day. During this segment, a caller won first motorcycle in the ongoing Ramazan transmission by answering two difficult questions.

Besides the participants, the interest of viewers is increasing with the passage of time in the largest and most prestigious quiz show in the history of Ramazan titled ‘Zer, Zabar, Pesh’. The mesmerising recitals by Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi, Alhaj Siddiq Ismail, Imran Sheikh Attari and Ahmed Raza Qadri made captivating the moments of Sehr and Iftar today as well.Viewers have expressed their liking of all programmes of Sheher-e-Ramazan, including ‘Aalim Aur Aalam’, ‘Mujhe Mustafa Se Pyar Hai’, ‘Mohjze Mere Nabi Ke’, ‘Ishaya’ and others.

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