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Tehrik-e-Niswan steals the show

By: Zaib Azkaar Hussain

Karachi: The team of Tehrik-e-Niswan led by Sheema Kirmani stole the show at KLF by doing perfect dramatic reading of one of the plays written by renowned author Intizar Husain.

Intizar Hussain, who himself was present as chief guest at the event, appreciated the team and said that he had written the drama titled “Paani kay Qaidi” a long ago but he now realized the actual potential and worth of the symbolic characters of his play when the artistes representing Tehrik-e-Niswan made a perfect presentation.

Though it was a reading of the characters, the artistes did it while painting their styles of talking, thinking and expressing views. The characters (passengers) present at the waiting room of a railway platform were talking on the flow of water (flood) and destruction of life that caused delay in the arrival of the train. The artistes depicted the psyche of different passengers including a girl, a mother, an old man, “patloon wala”, “coat wala”, “kurtey wala” etc while adopting their behavioral responses and the way of talking to each other.

A sense of uncertainly was prevalent, but there were some characters who tried to exploit the situation. Some of the characters pretended to be very sympathetic with the girl. The mother of the girl also appeared to be greedy and used to support negative characters, but the girl finally rejected everyone and showed her inclination to support the plea of a sober character who seemed more patient in this situation.

The sober character (kurtey wala) did not care of flood and destruction and rejected the people who kept up chasing false ideas and trends without realizing the reality. The girl was now with him and both were determined to face the reality instead of illusion.

Sheema Kirmani told the audience that owing to limited facilities her team could not perform the drama properly and they had to edit some of the extracts due to time factor. She pointed out that Asif Farrukhi had suggested reading this meaningful drama by Intizar Husain on the occasion of 4th KLF. Iftikhar Arif and other writers attending the session also appreciated the team, saying that the characterization proved to be excellent and the message of peace, patience, integrity and unity was conveyed.

Commending the team, Intizar Husain observed that it was a perfect rendition and total depiction of the characters of his drama. The team also drew a great applause from the audience.

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