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Taluka council Khairpur members complain of bureaucratic delays

KHAIRPUR: Members of Taluka Council, Khairpur, on Saturday expressed concern over, what they termed was, ‘a sorry state of affairs’ in the district, saying that none of the government authorities, particularly the district bureaucracy, bothered to pay heed to their concerns or recommendations.

They created an uproar, saying that their recommendations were not implemented and fell prey to deliberate bureaucratic delays even when such recommendations were passed by the House with a majority vote.

The monthly session of the Taluka Council Khairpur, held under the chair of its convener, Ehsan Illahi, witnessed a protest by its members, including Lutifullah Phulpoto and Saeed Akhter, complaining of evasive responses and lack of coordination to implement the resolutions passed by the House.

On the other hand, women members of the council, including Kalsoom Arain, alleged their male colleagues in the House teased women councillors. They warned that if the male members did not desist from such ugly practices, the women councillors would never attend the session.

The convener, while giving a ruling on the matter, asked the members to ensure the decorum of the House. Meanwhile, the council members unanimously passed a resolution taking stern action against all illegal encroachments. They also demanded execution of the Khairpur Beautification Plan.

The members reiterated that the Town Municipal Administration (TMA) must recover its outstanding dues amounting to Rs 20 million from defaulters and urged it to generate more revenue by revising the taxation system.
Source: The News