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Sustainable development

In finding ways to discuss and examine sustainable development, theorists and scientists around the world offer a variety of definitions. The environmental approach has enduring relevance in making sense of our world and addressing challenges now and in the coming future. Sustainable environment is very important for the expansion of people’s freedoms and capabilities to lead their lives with better living standards. Scientists, environmentalists, social workers and practitioners work for the security of the environment and the welfare of society.

Successful integration of developmental perspectives into practice depends upon numerous personal and organisational factors but the process begins with practitioners and organisations attaining an understanding about development within the targeted communities of service. Climate change is one of the biggest environmental threats as it can cause many problems regarding nature and human health. It is the right of the individual to live a healthy and secure life. Human beings have needs, as defined by Maslow’s pyramid, which cover physical needs such as food and shelter up to social, economic and intellectual needs to grow and enjoy prosperity. One example is to provide better infrastructure in the healthcare sector, playing an important role in the development of deprived rural and urban populations, improving the personal capacity for work and productivity with a longer working age and more income.

The inputs required are funding, human resource, technology and infrastructure to enhance the productivity of the working class and better incomes leading to higher profits for corporations, income generation, higher per capita income and a better quality of life. This will improve effectiveness and efficiency in the form of improved infrastructure, which will be beneficial for the country as a whole. Sustainable development needs to become a societal innovation — not only economic growth. Growth is important in addressing unemployment issues but, at the same time, we need to take care of our natural resources and social inclusion. There should be a sustainable environment for the citizens of the country so that they live safe and healthy lives with enough food to feed the nation.

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