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Suspension of cellular services


The recent suspension of cellular services caused great agony to the residents of the twin cities. For nearly two days, it was next to impossible to contact emergency and health services. From people who require emergency medical assistance but cannot get it, to parents who cannot contact their children, businessmen who cannot contact their customers and patients in hospitals who cannot communicate with their family members, the difficulties that people faced due to the suspension of cellular services cannot be enumerated here.

I will share a personal incident: a neighbour of mine passed away on January 14, 2013 and it became very difficult to inform his relatives and friends as cellular services had been blocked. Similarly arranging the transportation for the graveyard was another issue as most bus and ambulance services do not have landline numbers. After this horrific experience, I am finally considering installing a PTCL landline number and also urge my relatives and friends to share their PTCL landline numbers because cellular service suspension is now becoming a norm. It is imperative that we keep landline numbers for emergency services and important personal and professional contacts updated to avoid any inconvenience in an emergency situation like this.

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