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Subscribers complain of erratic Internet service

NAWABSHAH, Jan 21: Hundreds of subscribers to high speed broadband services offered by the Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited complain of low speed and erratic Internet service in the city for the past several months.

The subscribers to PTCL`s broadband service (DSL) are unable to browse, surf, search, upload and download data. Those who has subscribed to 1MB and 4MB services get only 300-400kbs of downstream speed and 100kbs of upstream speed.

The routers provided by a company were of different models and some were of so poor quality that they developed glitches very often, said a source in the PTCL.

The DSL service was discontinued several times for days due to technical faults best known to the officials concerned and whenever a customer calls them he is given the ready made reply that there is a fault in the exchange or the service is being upgraded.

Many customers have sent written and verbal complaints to concerned officials of the company but they did not get any answer.

The customers of broadband and other services have urged the chairman of the company to send a team of experts to smooth out the problems so that they can get uninterrupted services.

A senior official of the company said on request of anonymity that they had made several complaints about the problems to high-ups but they did not take notice.

He said the company had offered broadband DSL service, EVO wireless Internet service, V-fone and some other facilities in the district without completing homework, therefore the system could not run the services smoothly. He expected the required equipment would be installed in the city soon.

The company was almost ready to launch smart TV service in the city but it too was destined to doom because optic fibre lines were not laid all over the city.

A customer said that they were getting a speed of 0.5 MB despite having a service of 4MB from PTCL and they were being forced to pay huge bills every month. MOBILE PHONE SERVICE:

Thousands of subscribers of a private mobile phone company faced difficulties because of no service coverage here on Friday.

They were disconnected from the rest of the country after a fault developed in service at 11am and it remained suspended till 5pm. Repeated efforts to contact the company representative or PTCL officials remained futile.
Source: Dawn