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Stopping cyber bullying

THIS is apropos of the letter ‘Social networking for noble causes’ (Sept 13), in which the writer has highlighted the importance of social networking in making a better society.

But with the pros, come the cons. Since social networking is contemporary, especially among the youngsters, I would like to accentuate on the cause of ‘cyber-bullying’ being originated by it.

Cyber-bullying or cyber-harassing is the abuse of technology by bringing emotional or physical harm to other people in a malevolent manner.

Many parents are not aware of such phenomenon and believe that social networks may be of no danger to their children. Study shows that cyber-bullying through social networks can lead to low self-esteem, disillusionment and cynical behaviour. While in severe cases suicide has also been committed.

Therefore, parents should not take these aspects lightly and keep a thorough check on the activities of their children on social networks. Moreover, cyber-bullying is a crime and such actions should be reported to the authorities concerned.