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State of media in Pakistan

This is apropos of the letter ‘Violence and media ethics’ by Iram Rizvi (Sept 17), which referred to an incident of ‘breaking news’ about a body in a gunny bag in Karachi which, according to the writer, was incorrect.

There are uncountable horror incidents which are being aired from various TV channels in our country in the name of ‘free and fair media’ which not only affects schoolchildren but also adults.

Media ethics in Pakistan is only a matter of curricula for departments of media studies in various universities but in practice most of the media in Pakistan stands on self-interests rather than on ethics.

Media employers do not care much about the applicant’s qualification for hiring a correspondent, reporter or anchorperson.

One who knows the art of ethics in reporting is disliked, while one who is a sensationalist is considered better. It must be made obligatory for the media organisations to implement media ethics in letter and in spirit.

In this crucial age the country needs a responsible media rather than a so-called free media which is rightly turning into a self-serving rather than public-serving industry.

Sensationalism in media is giving a bad name to honest journalism by airing such horrific news stories and documentaries.

Also, TV talk shows cause unrest in society, giving a pessimist view to our youth.

Source: Dawn