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Sri Lankan team disapproves media coverage of dengue

LAHORE: Members of the Sri Lankan medical team have praised the steps taken by the Punjab government to control the dengue virus but expressed surprise over the wide media coverage to the virus saying that it would create more of a scare among the people.

During a visit to Model Town here on Saturday, members of the Sri Lankan team said that dengue virus attack was more serious in Sri Lanka but their media did not give it so much coverage.

The members of the team said that 90% of the disease could be controlled with the cooperation of the people. Unless the people cooperate in the campaign, it would be difficult to overcome the problem. They said that people should take Paracetamol tablets and adopt preventive measures to ward off the disease. They said most of the deaths in Pakistan attributed to dengue fever were thoroughly checked by them and they took place due to heart attack or other diseases.

The medical team members advised the people to keep their localities clean and clear stagnant water to control the dengue mosquitoes.
Source: The News