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Solving Pearl case an uphill task

Federal Interior Secretary Tasneem Noorani has admitted that it is not easy to sort out the issue of kidnapping of American journalist Daniel Pearl as the abductors are well trained and motivated people.

“The people involved in the abduction of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl are very dedicated, motivated and well trained people and they have created a web in such a way on their crime that it is not easy to sort the issue out.

We, however, have met with considerable success in the investigation but Danny has so far not been located,” he told the BBC in an interview on Wednesday.

He further said “We are continuing efforts to locate Danny and are working on three-four leads”, adding he is still hopeful that the law-enforcing agencies will succeed in rescuing the journalist.

To a question, he said the detained chief suspect in the abduction of the journalist, Sheikh Omar, has admitted that he (Omar) is apparently involved in the incident, but “he could still not help us in the location of the journalist but we are continuing our efforts in this regard.

Danny’s abduction is not the only unsolved case in the world, country or city, he said and added the eyes are being focussed on the issue because Danny is a foreigner.

Besides this, there are also many other such unsolved cases in the world and the police of every country are trying to solve these, he stated.

Asked whether he thinks that the network of the militants is very strong s the government has still been unable to make any break through in the abduction of Pearl case and the government would face numerous difficulties in future as it has taken a number of steps to check religious militancy, Tasneem Noorani replied, “We do not make tall claims because this is apparently a difficult campaign and the government will make all out efforts to move in the right direction to solve it. The government has never made a claim that it will be very easy task and it is a very difficult work but it is determined to do every step for the betterment of the country, he stated.

Source: The Nation