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Social networking for noble causes


Karachi: THE media plays a great role in developing one’s personality. And the media policy — if designed carefully — can really bring a drastic (positive) change in our society.

The Internet has changed the world. It has changed the way we communicate. So just by using the Internet as a way of communication we can achieve a lot.

Today around six million people use Facebook on a daily basis and if we look further at the demographics, most Facebookers are under 30 and belong to the countries where the majority of the population is youth.

Thus we can use social networking sites as a platform to gather people for a noble cause and to make them realise that doing good for society will not only help some needy people but it will also help them getting inner satisfaction.

By educating poor children, by empowering women, by making our environment neat and clean and by giving someone a ray of hope to live, we can contribute to our society and I feel social networking websites should be used creatively to make these things happen.