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Social media fades trend of sending Eid greeting cards

PESHAWAR: To send Eid greetings to one another as family members, teachers, friends, colleagues and loved ones via card is a conventional trend, which is declining with the advent of internet-based social media, mobile texts and other new communication technologies these days.

A few years ago there was a great rush on the Eid cards stalls round the city; the people bought them for their relatives, friends and loved ones who lived far away from them, to wish them Eid by sending them a greeting memorandum, but now a few people come to these stalls. These stalls hold the beautiful colourful cards ranging from mini to large.
A teenager Salman told TheNation that, “I have bought some Eid cards for my teachers to wish them Eid. It is my last year in the school and these cards make me remember to my teachers for some time. He said that I am using the social media networks, but to wish someone by giving them card has a special feeling.

Adil jan has selected a quietly red coloured card said that it is for his fiancée. “I like to use the social media, and wish the people with it, but my fiancé is a bit conservative minded,” he added. He expressed that it is the practices of the old age people, adding that today the communication is very easy. It is unbearable to look for envelop and then for the post office to send the card.

A stallholder in the Peshawar cantonment said that the trend to buy cards is now lost. He said we received a few of the customers in comparison of the earlier years. Now only the students come to take cards for their teachers, or the people to purchase card for their colleagues or high ups at their offices. He told The Nation that it is the mobiles and internet, which ruins the Eid card business.

Shakeel another stallholder in the city said that the card business remains five percent of the whole hundred. We have the less variety of the cards because the people didn’t take interest in it. He said that the I-phones, mobile and social media beat this beautiful trend. He said mainly the lovers and the people who cares the old traditions come to but the cards.

Many of the people in the city expressed that they like to wish each other with the Eid cards, but it is time consuming and costly they pointed out. It is easy via mobile texts and internet media to just by pressing a button one can wish Eid to hundreds of his contacts in a short interval of time.

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