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Smoking in TV talk show

THIS is with reference to the letter `Smoking in TV talk show` (November 25).

The writer is absolutely right in pointing out this health-related issue.

There is an ordinance in place – Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-smokers Health Ordinance 2002 – which bars people from smoking at public places.

There is also a ban on any kind of advertisement of cigarettes and other such stuff in the media.

As is the story of many other laws in the country: these laws continue to await implementation.

I had registered a complaint with a private channel about one such programme in which a leading politician was smoking continuously.

The matter was also discussed at the meeting of the executive committee of the Pakistan Medical Association and a resolution was passed against it.

The government is duty-bound to implement laws, and television channels should also not allow anybody to smoke during their programmes.

Smoking, needless to say, is injurious to health and passive smoking is even more so.

Source: Dawn