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Sindh Sargam concludes

Karachi: The second day (May 27) of ‘Sindh Sargam: Music and Dance Festival’, held at the Pakistan National Council of Arts, featured folk music and dance typical to each province of the country. Organised by the Ministry of Culture, the second day of the festival was a colourful, festive affair as dancers from the National Academy of Performing Arts performed the Sindhi Jhoomer, Khatak, Lewa and Bhangra, to name a few.

While the energy in the dance performances was contagious, one felt that the choreography could have been much better, if perhaps there had been more rehearsals. One of the most disappointing performances of the night was the Tarana — solo Kathak dance by Huma Naz. The performance in question lacked the grace and fluidity of movements that defines Kathak. If anything, Naz’s moves were jerky and she did not seem to have the poise that is characteristic of Kathak dancers.

On the other hand, the folk song performances by the likes of A.R. Anwer (NWFP), Aziz Baloch (Balochistan), Taj Mastani (Sindh) and Arif Lohar (Punjab) were well-received. Ironically, it was Arif LoharÂ’s stint on stage – particularly ‘Jugni’ – that drew consistent applause from the audience. However, A.R. Anwer’s rendition of the popular Pushto number, the bittersweet ‘Bibi Shireen’ that set the mood for the evening. It also served as sad reminder of the once warm and hospitable culture of the NWFP and what it has been reduced to now.

Sindh Sargam kicked off on May 26 with an evening of ghazal and classical music. Yesterday (May 28) was the last day of the festival, concluding with classical music and ghazals by Zulfiqar Ali and Mazhar Hussain, Salman Alvi, Mehnaz, Ustad Buland Iqbal Khan, Abdullah Khan, Ustad Gulzar Ali Khan, Ustad Salamat Hussain and Fateh Ali Khan.
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