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Sherry gets Information and Broadcasting: PPP

ISLAMABAD – Well-informed sources within Peoples Party Wednesday told The Nation that the party had decided to give the portfolio of Information and Broadcasting to Sherry Rehman who was currently working as Central Media Secretary of PPPP.

Sherry Rehman has been re-elected as an MNA from Sindh on the list for reserved seats for women. Sherry is currently working as Central Information Secretary as well as President of Policy Planning for the Pakistan Peoples Party. Shehrbano “Sherry” Rehman studied art, history and politics at Smith College and the University of Sussex.

Sherry Rehman has been a senior journalist for twenty years. She served as the editor of Pakistan’s prestigious newsmagazine, Herald, for ten years.

As President of Policy Planning for the PPP, Rehman is responsible for co-coordinating and drafting the talking points for the party, for formulating formal party strategy papers on diverse subjects and for shorter current position papers for the leadership. She also headed the team that prepared the PPP Manifesto for the 2008 elections.

During her over half-a-decade association with the Pakistan Peoples Party, Rehman has braved arrests as well as illegal confinement by security agencies on several occasions. She faced arrest on April 16, 2005 when the party was under fire in Lahore as it was preparing for the arrival of Senator Asif Zardari. She was also kept under illegal confinement, along with Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, in Lahore at the residence of Senator Latif Khosa, in Nov 2007.
Source: The Nation