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Sherry blames previous government for dismal human rights record

ISLAMABAD (March 13 2008): Pakistan Peoples Party Information Secretary, Sherry Rehman on Wednesday blamed the unconstitutional acts of the lost regime for political, economic, and judicial turmoil in the country during the year 2007. She was commenting on a report released in the United States recently listing Pakistan among countries where the human rights record remained dismal in 2007.

Rehman said in a press statement that the country suffered acute political, economic and judicial turmoil last year which, according to her, grew out of the collapse of important state institutions, food and energy shortages and judicial crisis. She said that in 2007, the Media came under fire for its independent stand, which was defaced by frequent clampdowns, vague ordinances, suspension of transmission, as well as confiscation of equipment.

Rehman said that atrocities last year were continuation of what the country had been through in the last eight years because “a regime that found its way to power through unconstitutional means can only be expected to commit further violations of human rights and perpetuate itself.”

She said, “the parliament was lame, the legislative system rested on the shoulders of presidential ordinances, an over-empowered local government, an intelligence agency answerable to no one, coupled with an inefficient and corrupt PM and administration weighed on the people’s sufferance.”
Source: Business Recorder