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Services of Zamir Niazi eulogized

KARACHI – Media representatives, leaders of opinion and people from a cross section of society have expressed their grief over the death of renowned journalist and author Zamir Niazi who passed away on Friday morning.

Eulogizing the services rendered by him for the cause of press freedom, they said in their condolence messages that by keeping a track of the events in the history of the press, Zamir Niazi had, in fact, left behind a record of the bitter battles fought for the cause by his predecessors for the coming generations.

The All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) President, Arif Nizami, and the Secretary-General, Aslam Kazi, said that Zamir Niazi’s commitment to the freedom of the press could be gauged from the fact that he had written three books out of which two were written when he was bed-ridden.

The press industry has lost him at a time when press freedom is under severe attack, they said.

KUJ: The Karachi Union of Journalists described Zameer Niazi as a ‘crusader for press freedom’. In its condolence message, the KUJ said that Zamir Niazi’s greatest contribution was the compilation of a record of milestones in the struggle for press freedom.

His books, Press in Chains, Press under Siege, and Web of Censorship, have become reference works for understanding the history of journalism in Pakistan. His fourth book remained incomplete.

The union said Zamir Niazi was like an encyclopaedia of journalism and a guide to leaders of journalists’ unions. The Aurat Foundation and members of Legislative Watch Group have termed Zamir Niazi ‘a great humanist, fearless journalist and an eminent intellectual’.

His untiring efforts for the cause of upholding human rights would always be remembered, it added. Sindh Information Secretary Mehtab Akbar Rashdi eulogized the services of the late Niazi for the cause of press freedom.

“His contribution towards press freedom will be remembered for ever and serve as a source of inspiration for all those who strive for the very objective in future,” she said.

Source: Dawn