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Senate panel asks government to raise sacrilegious film issue at United Nation session

ISLAMABAD: Senate Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting on Wednesday condemned sacrilegious film and urged the government to raise the issue at annual United Nations General Assembly session scheduled to begin later this month.

The meeting held here under the chairmanship of Senator Kamil Ali Agha unanimously adopted three resolutions on the anti-Islam movie. In the first resolution, the Senate body said that “the showing of the anti-Islam film on the eve of 9/11 is a deliberate attempt at provoking the Muslims and an act of extremism and is condemned in the strongest possible terms”.

In the second resolution, the Senate panel said extremism and militancy is not merely physical violence; it is also intolerance and religious provocation. The committee expressed deep concern over the tendency of erosion of religious harmony across national boundaries and religious divides were increasing which trend seemed to corroborate the ominous theory of a clash of civilisations. The committee urged the government to formally call upon the United Nations to work out special plans for promoting religious and cultural harmony to prevent the complete destruction of fast eroding rationality without any exceptions or selectivity.

Any exception or selectivity will shake faith in universal norms of the UN charter, it said. The committee also urged the UN to make legislation to discourage anti-Islam publication of material. The committee was informed by Senator Farhatullah Babar that the matter was also raised during US Af-Pak representative Mark Grossman’s recent visit to Pakistan when he met the president and the prime minister. He said the National Assembly also strongly condemned the exhibition anti-Islam video clip in the US maligning the revered and pious personality of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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