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SC directs APNS, others to approach proper forum

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ISLAMABAD: While disposing of the petition filed on the issue of paying millions of rupees to the media in the head of government advertisements during the last days of former government, the Supreme Court on Monday ordered all the parties including All Pakistan Newspapers

Society (APNS) and Midas to approach appropriate forum in this regard.

The SC declared that it could not explain the appropriate forum, however the petitioners could contact any forum at their will for the solution to their issue. They can approach civil court or any other forum as the apex court cannot guide them in this regard. The court is observing the issues of the spending of nation’s hard earned money.

This order was issued by three-member bench led by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja.During hearing, APNS counsel Azhar Siddique appealed to the court to pass judgment on the two summaries approved at the last days of the previous government.

On it Justice Khawaja said, “We are not trial court. Auditor General is seeing the issue and if there is any objection, appropriate forum could be approached as we do not write any thing what is correct and what is incorrect. With these remarks the court disposed of the case.

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