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Sabzwari in Geo’s ‘Pehchan Ramazan’ programme

KARACHI: Talking to world renowned broadcaster and host of direct special Geo TV broadcast “Pehchan Ramazan,” Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain, popular TV artiste Behroz Sabzwari has said his family has religious trend and offers prayers and observes fasts.

He said, “My parents infused religious feelings in me right from childhood. After having worked in the show business for 45 years, I still consider myself as a student.” He said that his career started with the state run television drama “Khuda Ki Basti” but extraordinary popularity was attained by the character “Qabacha” in the drama “Tanhaiian.” Sabzwari advised the new artistes to develop reading habit because that brightens their work. It also helps to correct pronunciations during the delivery of dialogues.

He termed Talat Hussain and Qavi Khan as his ideals from whom he had learnt a lot. He lauded the services of Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain in inculcating religious thinking amongst the people.Meanwhile, the host appreciated the services of Behroz Sabzwari in elevating the standard of broadcast of the state run television and performing key roles. On the 17th day of the popular broadcast in the Shehr-e-Ramazan, the audience was delighted to see amongst them the versatile artiste. They asked about his engagements during the Ramazan and his artistic career.

Noted Naat singer Siddiq Ismail attended the programme especially before his departure for Umrah. The process of extending help to the deserving continued in the programme. On the appeal of Dr Amir, people from home and abroad extended sympathies to Fateh Mohammad, a disabled person and his wife Zakira, who is cancer patient and Maaz Hasan, another seriously ill person and extended financial help to them.

Dr Amir announced Rupees one hundred thousand for the treatment of Maaz Hasan and Rupees twenty-five thousand for Zakira on behalf of Mahmooda Sultana Foundation. He also distributed cash among the deserving persons.

On the seventeenth day of “Pehchan Ramazan”, Youmul Furqan was celebrated with respect to Gazwae Badr. Explaining the significance of Ghazwae Badr, Dr Amir said the small force of Muslims inflicted a crushing defeat on the large force of the infidels.

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