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RSF accuses US Army of illegal detention

PESHAWAR: International media watchdog Reporters Sans Frontiers (RSF) expressed their concern at the US military’s designation of Canadian television network’s (CTV) young Afghan journalist Jawed Ahmad as an “enemy combatant.”

“If the US military is going to make this kind of accusation, it should be based on material evidence and not just the findings of a mysterious panel of interrogators,” the Paris-based press freedom organisation said. “We once again fear that the US military is confusing journalistic work with spying for the Taliban.”

Review board: US military spokesman in Afghanistan Major Chris Belcher told reporters that Ahmad “was allowed to make a statement before an enemy combatant review board, which determined there was credible information to detain him because he was dangerous to foreign troops and the Afghan government.”

Belcher added, “As an unlawful enemy combatant, he posed a threat to coalition forces and the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Ahmad was in no way targeted because of his work as a journalist.”

A US defence department spokesman told RSF that Ahmad’s case would be reviewed regularly but he refused to offer any details about the reasons for his detention. Ahmad has been held at the Bagram military base since November last year.
Source: Daily Times