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Role of Radio Pakistan

THIS is apropos of the article by Samar Mehmood (Dawn Magazine, Aug 14). The writer has rightly appreciated the role of Radio Pakistan as a prime entertainment and art institution of the country.

Her statement that “there was a time when everyone, from poets to writers to performing artistes, was associated with radio” is historically true. But I disagree with her opinion that “radio is now dead and finished’.

On the contrary, Radio Pakistan is still continuing with its historical role in the promotion of culture and providing real time information to the people of far — flung areas of Pakistan. With its network of regional radio stations, the organisation is providing transmission in more than 20 regional languages, including the Shina and the Balti of Northeran Areas to Dhatki language of Tharparkar. These regional radio stations are regarded as leading cultural centres in their respective areas.

In this reference I would especially mention the role of Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad, which celebrated its 56th birthday on Aug
17. Soon after its establishment in the 1950s the station became the cultural nerve centre of Sindh.

Singers, musicians, instrumentalists, poets and writers from different parts of Sindh became associated with the institution and a new era of cultural renaissance began in the province.

The music section of Radio Hyderabad initiated the process of composition and recording of folk and Sufi poetry of Sindh in voices of different singers who later on emerged as legendary singers of the country.

Poetry of Hazrat Shah Latif was recorded in both recital and musical formats and the radio station was awarded with Shah Latif Award in 2006. Veteran music producers and composers turned the studios of Radio Hyderabad into a music school and the leading singers of Pakistan like Abida Parween, Alan Faqeer, Ustad Muhammad Juman in the past and Sanam Marvi in recent times initiated their careers from this institution.

Similarly, Radio Hyderabad has also contributed to different other fields of arts and famous film stars like Mustafa Qureshi, Muhammad Ali and broadcasters like Syed Saleh Muhammad Shah provided their debut acting performances in the drama section of the station.

Recently, famous broadcaster and poet Naseer Mirza has compiled the history of Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad, in three volumes. The book comprehensively covers the art history of Sindh since 1955 as the history of art of in Sindh during this period is closely related with the history of Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad.

Like all other radio stations of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad, is also continuing with its legacy of a truly national medium of information, entertainment and education.

On initiative of Murtaza Solangi, director — general of the PBC, the organisation has developed its website in both Urdu and English languages. Recently, Radio Pakistan has also started transmission on web stream and also launched its online YouTube channel. The digitalisation of archives of Radio Pakistan (Awaz Khazana ) is also in process.

Keeping in view its past legacy and recent modernization, I hope Radio Pakistan has the potential to play the role of a frontline institution to promote art and culture in the country.

Senior Producer
Radio Pakistan Hyderabad
Source: Dawn