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Role of media

While watching news and talk shows on most of Pakistani private TV channels, I asked myself a question whether these channels were presenting a true and factual position of a matter or they were just breaking the news/comment in a hurry without really going to the other side of the coin.

In a rat race of first breaking the news on a channel, what happens is that the anchor who breaks such news fails to show the other side of the situation. He only shows one side of the picture. My humble request to all such anchors and news reporters would be to refrain from sensationalising a news report and always be professional and balanced in views by presenting both the sides of the perspective. In this manner, the viewers would know the actual situation. Let the people, courts and the government of the day decide an issue and not the media anchors alone; because the role of the latter is just to inform the general public about the facts in an unbiased manner.

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