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Rock band wins laurels at Musicarium

Jamal Shahid

ISLAMABAD, Feb 26: The Rock Musicarium rocked with the sound of music when Noori hit the stage Saturday night. Everyone was a singer when the Lahore-based rock band performed several of their greats like Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan, Dil Bolay, Manwa Re and Jana Tha Humne besides their new single.

The concert started without any opening acts. And the band owned the stage as soon as they got the show on and remained in top form throughout, mesmerising the audience. Aik Alif sounded the best opening song and after that it was full steam ahead.

The energy was incredible. Ali Noor would pause between songs and the crowd went crazy in those short breaks. They sang old and new tunes and the entire crowd kept right up with Noori singing every song line by line.

“The group is incredible live and the music sounds better than on CD,” said Anique Jamil in the crowd.

The concert was also being recorded live and the open-air stage of the Rock Musicarium was drenched in spectacular red, blue and green lights.

The young audience shook their tail feathers when Noori sang for them some soul contemporary rock music. And the spotlights shooting into them made the music seem to move.

Air heavy with rock music and shivering cold around midnight, but the in-fashion audience only wanted to get close to the stage. “It is one of the best things to be in the centre of the crowd – my favourite band singing my favourite songs,” said Muniza
Jafar freeing her mind to some tricked out compositions.

The young audience was not the only ones losing their inhibitions. Gearing up for more, 42-year-old Shahid Malik appreciated the energy and the positive attitude and described the band hot like fire.

The band gave their best to an intimate crowd. “It feels like Noori is performing at a private party,” Amina Agha expressed.

Noori kicked back and slowed their roll with some composed tunes but then was on track again spellbinding with fret board mastery and Gumbi’s ultimate solo drum experiences, sending shock waves and one after the other became a must.