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Reviving the film industry

According to your editorial, “Reviving the film industry” (July 10) the Higher Education Commission told the Senate Standing Committee on Culture that students are not interested in getting scholarships to study film-making.

I have been trying to find such possibilities for about three years now but the closest I could get on the HEC website was media and journalism.

Secondly, none of the institutes that offer film courses in Pakistan teach the subject the way it should be taught. I don’t blame them because the film material is expensive and they also lack the required human resources.

Whenever I mention this issue I am given examples of Syed Noor and Ms Sangeeta who fail to inspire us with every project they come up with.

I have two requests for the HEC: first, if it intends to award scholarships in this area it should make the information available on the website. Second, it should send interested students to study film-making to countries that have vibrant film industries.

I’m sure after such a deal anyone would sign to serve Pakistani film industry with the knowledge and the skills they’ve gained for good.

Hamza Qaiser
Source: Dawn