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Revealing spontaneous ideas


Vertical and horizontal black and white, thin and wide lines concealing geometric shapes laden with golden surfaces are Ayesha Siddiqui’s recent paintings exhibited at Koel Gallerry, Karachi, under the title ‘Hidden agenda’ which truly reflects her thoughts.

She is quite capable of transforming various shapes and colours into meaningful statements. The paintings reveal spontaneous ideas that she wants to communicate with others.

Her captivating compositions having heavier mass and wrinkled patterns given a look of movement between vertical and horizontal lines, the touch of gold gives an additional depth to her paintings. Other than lines and geometrical shapes she uses space with a command to enhance her work. All 23 paintings exhibited are untitled thus giving a sense of ‘Hidden agenda’. The nameless canvases are scattered with colourful backgrounds and black and white lines.

The creativity and imagination is shown in her work in which she portrays a surreal world mainly in black, white and ochre colours. The vibrant soft hues in mixed media explore the world of known but hidden realities. She explores various mediums and enjoys technically amalgamating the mediums with her thoughts.

She uses different angles and styles of lines to convey her inner feelings. The paintings show a movement in the works with textured backgrounds that leave a pleasant effect on viewers. One finds unrecognisable objects and symbols in the paintings, which denote certain meanings to find hidden messages. Thus diverse and contrasting images are juxtaposed in a single space, subverting their original contextual meaning and suggesting new messages.

Her work is seemed to depict some situations which she experienced from time to time. She attempts to capture different emotions that are personal but also experienced by other human beings without the restriction or boundaries of culture, region or language. The series contain dreams, life, creation and creativity which a person experience during different phases of life.

The creative artist builds a symbolic bridge between the viewer and himself/herself enabling the creation of an exciting interactive artwork. With beautiful compositions depicting transparency of medium with perfect blend of theme Ayesha has compiled together her inspiration, new ideas and vision in the space within paintings through notions.

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