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Remembering Obaidullah Baig

COUNTLESS television viewers have fond recollections of the black and white stint of the quiz show Kasuti where the duo of Ifthikhar Arif and Obaidullah Baig brought forth their command over a wide range of topics.

Their diction, mannerism and pronunciation impressed all as both appeared to be an epitome of knowledge.

The recent demise of Mr Obaidullah Baig is indeed sad, not just for his family, but also for his innumerable fans who watched the show for its content and literary value.

While there is an outpour of grief and condolence messages for socialites, it’s ironic that a person of his stature was not given due share of coverage.

It’s people like him who need to be projected as role models for the current generation.

He had numerous facets of achievements, yet he remained a humble person who had a positive outlook towards life.

After the re-launch of Kasuti with a different partner, Mr Obaidullah Baig went on to mesmerise a newer group of viewers with his expertise.

At a time, when people found it easy to despair and predict gloom regarding Pakistan, a chanced meeting with him revealed how much hope he had with the youth of today and reiterated that this country’s future would be most promising.

May Allah rest his soul in peace and enable us to emulate his vision of our homeland.