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Releasing films in theatres and on DVDs

WHILE watching the “National Geographic” channel recently, I came to learn that the Nigerian film industry is the third largest in the world. This is all the more surprising since its capital, Lagos, has only one cinema hall.

The filmmakers do not make films specifically for the box office, but directly release them on CDs and DVDs so that people can watch it in their homes. Making a Nigerian film costs an average of $25,000.

The cameras and equipment they have are outdated. They do not try to copy from Hollywood or Bollywood but make films based on their own social and cultural factors.

We find our filmmakers complaining about the decreasing number of cinemas and the Indian films being released on box office and on DVDs hurting the cause of the local cinema.

Maybe its time to think out of the box and release films in theatres and on DVDs at the same time. With so many TV channels available here, it won’t be a big task to market Pakistani films. Besides, it will be easy to tempt the viewer on buying locally-made films on DVD.

It should also be understood that watching films in cinemas is not easy. A family of five will have to spend an average of Rs1,000 to watch just one film. Watching it at a multiplex theatre costs three to four times as much.

Even though the competition with Indian films cannot be ignored, but then it is always healthy and bound to prove a step in the right direction.

Source: Dawn